I would like to support you through a change process and help you to accomplish your goals on a long-term basis. We use individual methods and tools to develop your personal plan.

Well-known people

Numerous well-known and sucessfull people have a professional Coach to support them on their way.

What´s Coaching?

Coaching is about helping Clients to achieve their personal goals. This involves developing specific capacities in order to get to one´s individual goals while strengthening certain or eliminating other behaviors.

The role of the Coach is to provide the Client with a structure, tools, knowledge and possibilities that will enable him/her to grow. It is a partnership between Coach and Client, the Coach being a Personal Trainer supporting the Client to strengthen specific “muscles” (behaviors). Through targeted questions the Client comes up with his own answers and approaches, which are essential and authentic to him.

Why Coaching?

Set priorities correctly

Improve self-esteem

Develop visions of life

Fully unfold creativity

Recognize chances and potential

Recognize and develop strenghts

Positive change

Set clear and realistic goals

Coaching isn`t –

  • Therapy, mentoring or consulting – a Coach is no therapist

  • Static implementation of prefixed rules – a Coach doesn’t provide fixed solutions

  • Long-lasting change after one or a few sessions – Coaching is a process.

Your advantage

Coaching provides you with longterm achievement of your goals and a clear focus both privately and professionally.

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