Personal Coaching and Positive Psychology build a powerful combination. I use this combination to support you in defining and achieving your personal goals and guide you through your change process.


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I am on the way to my Happiness Revolution. I love to learn new things and to develop the existing. I worked, studied and lived in many different countries. My passion is languages, music and sports, I enjoy being in the snow or on the beach. Together with my husband, two kids and a cat we live near Hamburg after Paris, Mainz and Sao Paulo.

My offer

Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching ist a professional partnership that guides you through your personal change process aiming for sustainable improvements.


In workshops focussing on different areas I accompany you in your personal development. In addition I support you in creating a positive organization with more efficient and happier empolyees.

Applied Positive Psychology

Applied Positive Psychology strives for a higher level of satisfaction using scientifically approved methods and interventions.

Offline – Online – 4 languages

Sessions can be done via phone or skype and in 4 different languages – german, english, portuguese or spanish.

Advantages of Coaching linked with Positive Psychology

Coaching and Positive Psychology form a powerful combination. Not only does this solve specific problems, but will also lead to a measurable and perceptible increase of satisfaction and quality of life.
As a result you benefit from a long-lasting improvement of wellbeing. This change is contageous and even has a positive impact on your environment.


  • Personal Coaching is the professional accompaniment through a personal change process with the aim of long-lasting improvements.

    Julia Kaysersberg
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